The Block chain Technology Opens the Avenue for Personal Development

Blockchain with its immense potentials has revolutionized the way we do business, today. It has created a much secured and prosperous platform to carry out a transaction, manage records and contracts with little or no interference of managers, brokers, and lawyers let alone any physical body. The machines can automatically interact, transact, verify, share, store, and validate data with minimal friction.

“Blockchain truly is a mechanism to bring everyone to the highest degree of accountability.”- Ian Khan, TEDx Speaker


Furthermore, Blockchain is the heart of Bitcoin—known by the term “digital gold”, and many other digital currencies. With a massive evolution in the digital world, there arises a need to bring some prominent modifications in the system along with bringing advancements in the administrative controls. The Blockchain and its prime combination with Big Data have made technology to enhance at a greater scale. However, it also triggers many different areas of development other than technology one of which is personal development. It provides advanced methods to interpret data along with ways to come up with productive decisions driving new model in development.

A Replacement of Traditional Training Methods

According to the statistics, around 94% millennials consider self-development a value. At present, due to the fast-paced advancements, it is unfavorable to rely on a single consultant to bring enhancements in personal development. One has to keep up with the modernization and look for ways, which can ensure more productivity depending on the current circumstances. Therefore, a traditional trainee or consultant with a limited knowledge and scope will not prove beneficial for individuals. The huge database and statistics need much more technical and super advance approaches that are fulfilled by Blockchain.

The application generated information and guidance via Blockchain provides a broader scope and view of the scenario. Through the decentralized network methods, stats and information are checked automatically and continuously. Depending on the ecosystem, the users can access, check, share and digitize projects from anywhere in the world. The apps are easy to access and intelligent enough to cater personal development and growth.  

Blockchain and Big Data Drive a Dual Power of Technology

Blockchain trespasses the limitations and boundaries surrounding people for more prosperous growth in diverse fields. Through many apps, the technology seems to have entered into the territories of healthcare and science sector. However, the creators believe that there is a much more scope and need to go for combining the two super powerful technologies- Blockchain and Bog Data for the benefits of the masses.

To create a similar version of a human brain and to predict the abilities of it, experts bear down to create technology with the incorporation of Big Data and Blockchain to analyze, work and perform like a brain. With the proficient Big Data tools and highly technical Blockchain-based methods, the goal is achievable. The decentralization techniques help to bring the large data and concepts together on one platform and provide more trustable and productive solutions to guide and instruct individuals regarding personal growth and enhancements.

Cons of Advance Development Apps

To prosper in the fiercely competitive market it is imperative that one should know his or her strength and weaknesses. Scientists are striving to unleash more about brain chemistry and development characteristics depending on the abilities of individuals. Nowadays, many apps are designed having different manners of evaluating the strength and weakness of users. Where some of them have a questionnaire, upon filling it provides a comprehensive analysis on the basis of the data stores in its server, whereas other apps carry out IQ test, Astrology and Myers Briggs test to have an in-depth session of analysis.

The data collected via different examination methods shows the likes, dislikes, decision-making abilities and many personality traits. However, as part of nature, these apps too depict some cons. The foremost trouble identified among these apps was that they are nonsystematic. Upon asking the same question, each of them came up with the entirely different answer. Secondly, it’s not easy to manage and improve the working responses to these apps. Because the apps work on the data stored in their database and the way such huge data is distributed on the individual server becomes difficult to centralize for offering solutions that are more reliable. Harnessing the power of collective data is a dire need of the moment. To deliver trustable and authentic recommendations it is important to synergizing the scattered data.  

Human Discovery Methods

Human discovery platform that is based in Moscow that is planning to solve problems within the human development setting. The panel of professionals is developing such platforms where the server will gather impersonal data allowing scientist, analyst, and trainees to access and create their own methodic blocks, each secured with a code to perform researches. The platforms will be launched in June 2018. Moreover, at the end of the year 2018, a decentralized paradigm will be implemented having Proof of Stake algorithms. Gradually in the year 2020, an HDStat Core is planned to get launched to provide an opportunity to professional for storing and analyses the research results and to form a validated methods statistically. Furthermore, in 2020, to analyze the end results of this method Big Data Tools will also be introduced.

Wrapping Up

Knowing the immense power Blockchain exhibits and the vastness of Big Data, methods are invented to bring quality improvements in personal development. Apart from this, many other sectors have also blossomed with the touch of this newly born technology. In the world of design, websites that lack accessibility now follow Google’s new algorithm of Blockchain-based methods to provide quick and authentic results against search engine queries. Developers are looking for ways to create interactive web designs to fulfill the growing needs and users and to ease them with convenience, all thanks to Blockchain. The buzz of it is not going to die soon. Block chain has entered web Development Company and in many productions, houses exceeding limitations and overstepping hurdles.


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