Raising Funds to Shelter 70­ year old Homeless Woman

Raising Funds to Shelter 70­ year old Homeless Woman

Raising funds to get a 70­ year old homeless woman off the streets and into an old age home.

Pradeep Garude has been slowly raising money to save Usha Madhu Jadhav from the torrential weather of Mumbai.

Jadhav has been living on the streets for a few years now and has no family.

She has been getting by with the little money she earns (from whatever she is doing).

Pradeep Garude ran into the Mrs. Jadhav at a busy bus stop, where she was standing trying to save herself from the pouring rain.

Garude initially assumed the woman to be a beggar and tried to give her some money, however was surprised when the woman refused to accept the money.

She went on to tell her story of how she lost her home and ended up on the streets.

Determined to change the fate of this woman, Pradeep Garude decided that he will help her in any way possible.

With little to his own name, he decided to rope in some friends and got her food and supplies.

However, getting her accommodations is still proving to be a challenge.

Name and his friends are now trying to get more people to help by starting a Crowdfunding Campaign for Mrs.Jadhav to help her get accommodations at an Old Age Home in Pune, close by to where Pradeep relatives lives.

With this funding, Pradeep Garude wants to ensure that Mrs. Jadhav has a roof over her head and also medical facilities to help her get better.

Pradeep Said, “Ushaji needs as much help as we can provide”.

She has no family or friends to support her. She’s barely living on meager money and food.

I want to get her as much help and comfort as possible after living such a long and hard life.”

He continues,

“With this crowdfunding campaign, we are hoping a lot of kind people will come forth and donate for this noble cause so that we can get Mrs. Jadhav off the streets and into a warm shelter as soon as possible.”

You can make your contribution at IndieGoGo